Yin Yoga for Mental Health by Kim Robinson

Yin Yoga for Mental Health

Discover true transformation - change your mindset, love your life!

Let me ask you a question...

Do you feel bombarded by the stresses of daily life?
Do you feel like there's never enough time to get it all done?
Do you tend to overthink and overanalyze?
Do you feel constantly worried, anxious and overwhelmed?
Do you experience racing thoughts, sleeplessness, impatience or fear?
Are you lost because you can't seem to give your mind a rest?

You find yourself ignoring the stress rather than deal with it, hoping it will just go away...
But deep down you know that this approach won't work for long.

If you’re ready to live a fulfilled life & create amazing changes without the mental clutter, keep reading.
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Imagine this…

What if you suddenly became the stress-free ‘YOU’ you’ve always wanted to be...? 
  • You enjoy living your life with meaning and purpose.
  • You feel happier more of the time.
  • You feel resilient and therefore you handle daily stresses and emotional upsets faster and easier.
  • Having good sleep every night is your new normal.
  • You feel more calm and centered on a daily basis.
  • You are able to create a vision for your life that really excites you.
  • You are able to transform stress into awakened living.

Who this is for:

  • You love yoga
  • You want to feel happier than ever before.
  • You want to be fulfilled on a deep soul level and feel empowered.
  • You're ready to shift your energy and live your life in alignment with your true self and self-worth.
  • You're ready to step into your highest self, on and off the mat.
  • You want to stop feeling stuck and unsure on how to make a change.
  • You're ready to leave stress, anxiety, worries and fears behind.
  • You want to have it all & create amazing changes in your life.

"I never realized just how much I fidget until I practiced just yin for 2 weeks. This is the hardest style I have personally tried. I've always had the hardest time staying still. To do this for an entire hour and then journal about it was a serious game changer, because after a few classes it started to become easier and easier to just let go. ⁠I highly recommend this course. If you love to meditate, journal, affirmations, and are interested in yin, definitely go check it out! Kim's passion for mental health shines through, with her organized and beautifully written classes. ⁠My favorites included the 'Yin Yoga for Inner Peace' class and the 'Inner Smile Meditation for Happiness and Relaxation'. So glad I gave this course a shot!"
Heather Garcia

If you’re ready and this resonates with you, this program will change your life forever.

Using this process helped me recover from anxiety, depression and live my life from a place of being connected to wholeness & my true desires. My entire life transformed in front of my eyes.

✨ Let me hold you as powerful. I know these shifts are possible
– because I’ve lived it.

Content Overview

Master the Basics
Introducing Yin Yoga
4 mins
The 3 Principles
6 mins
Effectively Practice Yin Yoga
7 mins
Transform Your Mindset
The Thought Reframing Process
6 mins
How to Do This Process Effectively
Cultivate Happiness
Yin Yoga to Cultivate Happiness - 50 min
50 mins
Journaling Pages to Cultivate Happiness
102 KB
Inner Smile Meditation for Happiness & Relaxation - 9 min
10 mins
Release Stress & Anxiety
Yin Yoga to Relieve Stress & Anxiety - 40 min
43 mins
Journaling Pages for Stress & Anxiety Release
103 KB
Stress & Anxiety Relief Meditation + Breathing Exercise - 5 min
6 mins
Strengthen your Self-Worth
Yin Yoga for Self-Worthiness - 30 min
32 mins
Journaling Pages for Self-Worthiness and Soothing
102 KB
'I am Enough' Meditation - 10 min
12 mins
Gain Confidence
Yin Yoga to Gain Confidence - 40 min
41 mins
Journaling Pages to Gain Confidence
100 KB
Transformation Meditation for Gaining Confidence - 14 min
15 mins
Establish Inner Peace
Yin Yoga for Inner Peace - 60 min
59 mins
Journaling Pages for Inner Peace
102 KB
Inner Peace Meditation - 10 min
10 mins
Heal & Embrace your Emotions
Yin Yoga for Emotional Healing - 50 min
52 mins
Journaling Pages for Emotional Healing
102 KB
Support + Empowerment
Exclusive Facebook Group
Short on time? Do this!
Yin for Busy Days - 10 min SOS Stress Relief
12 mins
SOS Yin Yoga for Deep Relaxation - 20 min
20 mins
Thank You & Where to Go From Here
You've Done All Classes...Now What?
"As a busy mom and yoga teacher I actually forget to slow down myself! With Kim Robinson's Yin Yoga for Mental Health I was able to practice her wonderful classes when it was most convenient for me. As soon as I start her video and hear her calming and soothing voice, I already feel much more at peace. The classes are easy to follow and I love her affirmations! The course comes with workbooks and journaling exercises, that help find clarity and insight. This was exactly what I needed during a stressful time. And I love that I can come back to her course any time I need it! Thank you very much Kim!"
Laura Baumann


Every year I'm going to add new sequences and material so that the content stays fresh and up-to-date! As a student who is already enrolled in this course, you get access to that free of charge.
Once you're in, you're in for life! 

Sound good?

If you’re ready and this resonates with you, this program will change your life forever.

Any questions feel free to email me info@kimrobinsonyoga.com.


What makes Yin Yoga for Mental Health different from other yoga courses?

There are two things that make this course different…
First, this isn’t some “new” course that I just put together off of the top of my head.
I personally developed these strategies and used them for YEARS. I then packaged these strategies up into Yin Yoga for Mental Health… just so you don’t have to do it alone!

And second, these yoga sequences are MORE than just physical postures and shapes - they incorporate my "Thought Reframing" Strategy, resulting in a complete framework, ready for you to use, that can (and does) create personal transformation. My story is a testament to this.

What if I have questions regarding my practice? Can I get in touch with you?

When signing up for this course, you get direct, unlimited support from me via the live chat feature! You can simply message me by clicking on the chat bubble at the bottom right corner of the screen. It will appear on all pages when you are logged-in to your account!

Do I need to show up anywhere live?

No. Everything is online and everything is digital, ready to go and waiting for you, so you can go at your own pace and to your own schedule…
Meaning, you can literally sit back and watch everything RIGHT AWAY

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! You can choose to pay in 3 monthly payments of $67. Note that payment plans can't be cancelled and there are no refunds for this course. Make sure you are ready to commit to this prior to purchasing.

What do I need to do this course?

All you need is a device to watch the classes and presentations from. This can be your computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

Is the content mine to keep forever? Can I download the videos?

Rest assured that you will have lifetime access to all of the material in this course, so you will always be able to go back and view them. However, to prevent the content from being re-uploaded or illegally distributed, you can watch the material only within the course itself. 

Refund Policy

I value integrity and believe students should honor commitments made. There will be no refunds for this transaction, please make sure you are ready to commit to this course prior to enrolling.