FREE 7 Day Self-Inquiry Yin Yoga Journey by Kim Robinson

FREE 7 Day Self-Inquiry Yin Yoga Journey

Discover your true, authentic self and tap into the next level of your yoga practice! 
Using the combination of Yin Yoga and Journaling helped me recover from anxiety, depression and discover who I truly, innately am at the core of my being. My whole life transformed in front of my eyes.

Immediately feeling the calling to carry this out into the world, I created a 100% FREE series, designed specifically for those who love the physical practice of yoga and are ready to go a level deeper.

If this resonates with you, you are in the right place. 

Join me on this 7 day journey. Learn what your life's biggest desire is and how to live life being true to who you are. I'm including journaling pages on each day - to make this as easy as possible for you!

Together let's dive deep into our inner knowing and ignite the light wihthin ourselves.
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What you will learn...

WELCOME - Before you begin, read this!
Welcome to the 7 Day Yin Yoga Self-Inquiry Journey!
DAY 1: What do I want?
Day 1: Stress Relief Yin Yoga
18 mins
Day 1 Self-Inquiry Journaling Exercise: What do I want?
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DAY 2: My Ideal Feelings
Day 2: Yin Yoga Back Bends
20 mins
Day 2 Self-Inquiry Journaling Exercise: My Ideal Feelings
32 KB
DAY 3: My Resistance
Day 3: Yin Yoga for Neck & Shoulders
28 mins
Day 3 Self-Inquiry Journaling Exercise: My Resistance
33.4 KB
DAY 4: What I choose
Day 4: Yin Yoga for Feet + Ankles
11 mins
Day 4 Self-Inquiry Journaling Exercise: What I choose
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DAY 5: What doesn't serve me?
Day 5: Hip Opening Yin Yoga
31 mins
Day 5 Self-Inquiry Journaling Exercise: What doesn't serve me?
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DAY 6: Energy Shift
Day 6: Yin Yoga Forward Fold
12 mins
Day 6 Self-Inquiry Journaling Exercise: Energy Shift
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DAY 7: 'Ideal Me'-Roadmap
Day 7: Yin Yoga for Immune System
26 mins
Day 7 Self-Inquiry Journaling Exercise: 'Ideal Me'-Roadmap
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Where to go from here
Our week together is at an end... now what?

Go a level deeper in your yoga practice.

It all starts here.