Do you love the physical practice of yoga and are you ready to go a level deeper?


Yin Yoga for Mental Health

Discover true transformation – change your mindset, love your life!
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Using this process helped me recover from anxiety, depression and live my life from a place of being connected to wholeness & my true desires.

My entire life transformed in front of my eyes. If you’re ready and this resonates with you, this course will change your life forever.

Yoga Nidra for Mental Wellbeing

Release stress on a fundamental level and reconnect to your inner power!
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You find yourself ignoring the stress rather than deal with it, hoping it will just go away… But deep down you know that this approach won’t work for long. 

If you know that there is more to life than handling stress and you’re ready to live a happy, peaceful life with meaning and purpose,
this program will change your life forever.

What others are saying

I'm really grateful to have access to this course. I did my first Nidra session today and I've been in a cloud of misty magic for the past two hours. SO GOOD! Thank you for that. 
Whitney Reynolds
⁠I highly recommend this course. If you love to meditate, journal, affirmations, and are interested in yin, definitely go check it out! Kim's passion for mental health shines through, with her organized and beautifully written classes. 
Heather Garcia
I'm enjoying the morning Yin classes with you very much! I kept promising myself to do more Yin but never got to it! It's a beautiful course you put together!!
Laura Baumann

About Kim

I'm an online yoga and meditation teacher, helping other women to transform their lives & mental well-being. My focus is on using the teachings of Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra to inspire you to live your life in emotional balance & free of stress. 
I believe that every person deserves to have a life of happiness, purpose and fulfilment. It doesn’t have to take years, either.
Let me show you that you don’t need to settle for what you don’t want, or change everything about yourself!